Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fun Match July 31, '10

Mika ran Masters Jumpers and Wall-e ran Starters Standard.

The Standard runs were first. Wall-e got to practice his new 2on2off contacts (both the dog walk and 5 foot A-frame) in a trial environment. He did really well! I put his targets out for the first run and left them out for the second. His first run was cute. On both the AF and DW, he stopped in 2o2o. I rewarded him, and then after he ate his food he broke his 2o2o, turned around, and hopped back into 2o2o. Haha!

The Masters Jumpers course was a lot like a Snooker (which is actually good because Mika and I will be running in Snooker for the first time this fall). Mika was slow, though. I don't know why she's been so slow this year. And she reacted at a dog (black lab, no surprise!) in our second run. Oh well. The good part was that we had no off-courses, just some missed jumps. She was still a good dog, even if she was stressed by the black lab :)


  1. Must've been cute to see Wall-e break the 2o2o and then hop back into position! Seems like he is feeling very comfortable in a trial environment!

    Poor Mika - wish she could stop noticing those black dogs and get back to just being happy doing agility! She'll get there eventually!

  2. Wall-e is so smart. "Well of this gets a cookie, Ill hop back on and get another one". LOL , very cute. Diana

  3. Those durn black dogs, poor Mika. Wall e sounds like he was a super star with his contacts, whooo hoooo, good job!!! Kathy