Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun Match Aug. 15, 2010

VERY good fun match!! I don't feel like I made any big training mistakes (but if you caught something, let me know). The only thing was that I pulled Wall-e out of the weaves when I sent him off-course to them, but I'm excusing myself for that because by the time I saw him enter, he'd already realized that I wanted him somewhere else and pulled out.

My main goal for this fun match was for Mika not to react at any dogs, and we achieved that goal with the help of tons of freeze-dried liver! Weren't Mika's weaves great!? She got a hard ON-SIDE entry (Mika is not an on-side entry dog!) and never popped out!! She didn't 2-hit her A-frame, but the contacts were really wet, so of course she didn't. She did hit the yellow 2 out of 4 times, though (we did 3 reps of the AF in our second run, which I didn't put in the video)!


  1. Hurray! Great job Mika and Wall-e! Mika's weaves were absolutely amazing! And what a good girl for not being reactive! Wall-e looks awesome too - love his contacts! You are doing fantastic Nat!

    Wish we had more fun matches here - they look like such good training opportunities!

  2. Wall-E is doing such a great job and so is Mika :)
    I love watching you train your dogs :) You are wondeful!