Monday, May 10, 2010

Mika Trial May 10, 2010

This was a really fun day! Mika felt so much faster than she was at our last two trials, and she even had focus and energy for our third run. I think our extra walking and running has been helping her stamina.

In the second run, she actually started to break her start-line stay, but then realized that I hadn't released her and stopped again. She's never done this before, but I was happy, as she showed how much she wanted to run!

Augh, in that same run, we almost got the gamble. I'm positive we would have gotten it IF I hadn't distracted Mika by saying "Good girl" just as she was committing to the tunnel, causing her to turn around because she thought I was calling her away from the tunnel. I vowed to never again distract her by saying "Good girl"...but soon broke that vow in the next run!

Our first Masters Jumpers Q! It wasn't an easy course, either, especially for us; it had a wrap (could have had a few wraps, actually, but I handled it so that it didn't). AND we GOT the wrap!! That was when I just HAD to say "Good girl!".


  1. Mika is a good girl!!! Congrats on your master's jumpers Q!! You guys looked awesome out there!

  2. GREAT job Nat!! You two worked that Jumpers course and showed it who's boss! Well earned Q there for sure. That second Gamble -- ahhh, so close. Next time!

  3. Dog Dad understands. When he was a pup there was many a time he said he will never drink xyz ever again. Then he went ahead and did just that.

    So we can understand about saying good girl.

    Essex & Deacon

  4. Oh, I'm totally upset that I'm on a slow connection at school, I really want to watch these runs! It only loaded up to the first one. We'll see if my internet at home is behaving (it wasn't last night)..

    Congrats on the Q and the successful day! The biggest victory of all is seeing your dog excited and happy about doing agility, right?

  5. That was a great job, very nice handling, some great weaves, great DW, and a fast and happy puppy, and a Q on top of all that, terrific. The jumpers course really looked so terrific!


  6. Thanks everyone! :) And Sam, exactly, that definitely is the biggest victory!!