Friday, May 14, 2010

2on2off plank update

Mr. Man (a.k.a. Wall-e) did a couple sessions of 2on2off plank work today. I have the plank flat at the moment because height isn't my goal at all; I just want to improve his reliability of the position. He flies across the plank so extended that it seems like he won't be able to stop at the end; but alas (don't you love that word?), he *usually* does! Sometimes he releases himself early, but he's improving. If we keep it up, he's going to have a nice dog walk (and hopefully A-frame) when we're able to use the field to back-chain it!

Mika has a fun match tomorrow. Can't wait to reinforce behaviours in the ring!


  1. Looking forward to hearing progress on this!

  2. Yea for good dog walks and aframe and getting a good foundation for them!!!