Friday, April 30, 2010

Wall-e is finally back (mostly)!

I've been giving Wall-e a semi-rest ever since I discovered his injury on April 3. When he stopped showing signs of lameness, I started to do agility again, but very low-key. Only straight lines and only using jumps at 6", the plank raised at a 1-foot-high angle, and weaves set in a channel wide enough for him to run through without bending. We've had less than 10 sessions this month (and each session was short). I wanted to give his body (whatever it was) time to heal, and I didn't want something like quick turns to cause him to become lame again.

Well, today I finally let him train on an exercise with a TURN! It was a 4-jump exercise from the 2009 FCI Worlds Individual Medium Jumping course. It involved a threadle and an almost-270 degree turn (Wall-e hasn't seen a lot of these yet). I set the jumps at 6" because I didn't want to add too much at once (I didn't want to add height in the same session that I added turns). Was this boy ever fast.

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