Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mika Trial Apr. 18, 2010

I'd say that this trial was probably better than our last one back in March! Fun :) At first I thought Mika was slow, but after watching the runs many times on video, she was actually pretty fast. We got the first sends into the tunnels in both gambles. I was really happy with the second gamble especially. She sent into the tunnel and then got the jump after it too! In the second gamble, I left after getting the jump because I would have had to send her onto the DW. Mika doesn't know how to straighten herself before going on a DW from a sharp angle and if she tries, she slips. Didn't want my girl slipping on the entry and possibly falling off the up plank. (That happened at Nationals last year and, although she was okay, I don't want it happening again.) Anyway, that's why I called her to me after the jump and we left the ring for a nice reward of sausage.

(First run, I gave cheese; second run, sausage; third run, fish. Just thought I should mention that, heh.)

Mika got a really nice off-side entry on the weaves in the first run. Most of her dog walks were nice in terms of speed, but she did miss the contacts. We'll be training 2on2off on the dog walk and A-frame in May and will probably be keeping it until after Nationals next year. (At least, we'll be keeping it on the DW; I'm not sure how Mika will do with a 2o2o on the AF.)

Ahh, I had such bad timing in the last run and I was SO SLOPPY! I try to handle smoothly, but once stress starts (in this case because I thought Mika was stressed), the sloppiness really kicks in.


  1. Good job Nat! Mika looked fast too me and happy about running out there!

    Is Wall-e still doing well? No limping? I sure hope he is ok!

  2. LOVED your back cross before the tire in the first run. Wow. You guys are such an awesome team. I definitely think Mika looked happy and fast!

  3. Very nice runs. She sure looks speedy to me too!! Diana

  4. Great runs! Well done Mika!

  5. that is so funny I read your post after I watched the video and I was already going to comment that I like how you run, you do not use a lot of extra arm movements and I could not hear but it did not look like you do a lot of extra chatter, I thought your handling looked really terrific. Then I read your post where you thought you were sloppy at the end, but you really do a nice job of handling I think.. Mike was flying, really great runs, congrats.