Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Anybody ever heard of this sport? It's basically "ball-herding." There are eight balls, and the dog has to kind of herd/push the balls into a net. Competitions are being held in Germany and Sweden.

What does everyone think about this? Here are a few videos I found.


  1. I think that's awesome. The more games they can come up to play with dogs, the better!

  2. I would be worried that if you didn't have very high levels of control on your dog for a 'stop' and 'send' and 'that'll do' you'd create a dog with a very severe obsessive behavior for chasing, circling, barking and obsessing over those balls and things that are large and ball like. I could just see that happening very easily if people weren't careful.

  3. Hmm..Katrin has some good points! I wish it were something that were good for herding dogs because it's not that easy to have sheep in your backyard! Mom has been thinking lately that maybe herding would help with my obsessive ballistic outbursts when cars go by us in our neighborhood on morning walks. She's at her wits end about that behavior.

  4. That looks awesome and I love it uses the herding behaviors without having to get a farm, sheep, etc....That really looks like fun, how did you ever find out about that?

  5. That is soooooo awesome!! I don't have herding breed dogs, but I'm sure I could get them to do that. Although, I'd have to train them NOT to hop up on the ball since that's what they're used to.

  6. I would love to figure out how to train for the sport-it beats keeping sheep in the backyard.

  7. I have a rescue Aussie who is reactive and ball-obsessed. I started working with him and another one of my Aussies today. What fun. The training will be very valuable for helping my rescue boy to learn some more self-control.

    Sandy Pensinger has translated a (the?) treibballing manual from German and has it for sale.

    There are instructional videos on YouTube. Here is a link to Lesson 1.

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