Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nice weaves

Trained weaves (6 poles) this morning with both dogs. I just practiced straight-on entries with Mika. Yeah, I tend to train things that are easy for Mika and "forget" about training the challenging stuff. We do need to work on tougher entries. But she had fun with the straight entries!!

I practiced some 90 degree on-side entries with Wall-e from a distance of 20 feet, which he got really nicely, never making a mistake! Looks like I won't have to do much more entry training with Wall-e. we just need to work on contacts.



  1. The weaves practice sounds good! I love your new header and the photos on the side of Wall-e and Mika! Especially Wall-e jumping off the teeter!

  2. Nice header, very cool! Awesome about weaves too, that's a relief regarding Wall-e.

  3. The new header looks great!! Diana

  4. Nice header and good job working on the weaves, sounds like you guys are off to a good start or the new years.