Monday, January 25, 2010

Just dozin'

Where are Mika's eyes?! :O

I've noticed that the pigment on her nose is fading again; I guess because it's winter. I'm pretty sure she has "dudley nose," where a black nose fades to brown or pink as the dog ages. But her nose usually darkens in the summer and then fades again during the winter, which sounds like "snow nose," although from what I've read most snow noses turn pink in the winter, not brown. Oh well, it's a seasonal thing, so nothing to be worried about!

Wall-e looks so innocent when he sleeps. It's no wonder I used the song "Innocence" for his very first video when he first came home!

(I've really got to stop posting sleeping photos, hahaha.)


  1. But the sleeping photos are so darn cute!!!

  2. Well, what ever type of nose he has it is a SUPER CUTE nose!!!!!! I love sleeping pups and sleeping babies, who can resist pictures of either? And who could get tired of looking at either?

  3. Aw, very cute sleepytime pics! I wonder what they were dreaming about. Hey, Walter's nose changes colour too! Mostly black in the summer (though less and less black as he gets older), and pink in the winter, when his nickname becomes Rudolph. I hadn't heard of black noses turning brown, neat!

  4. A very sleepy household! Kind of like the way we feel right now after three straight hours of training today.. hah!