Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today's training at the field

We went to the field today, again! (Third day in a row...and before that we hadn't been in weeks.)

Mika only did a jump because she just did agility yesterday -- as I always say, I don't like training her a lot because the less I train her, the faster and more driven she runs. I train her once or twice a week. Wall-e's drive has increased a LOT and I find that now I can train him a lot more often without losing any of his speed. Actually, it seems like the more often I train him, the faster he goes...but I still only train him for about 5-10 minutes a day, max.

Wall-e got to try a triple jump for the first time. He jumped it perfectly for all 3 of the reps, good Wallaby! :) It was also his second time training the broad jump today. I started training it on Tuesday, by setting up a 10" jump and putting two of the broad jump boards in front. He jumped it with perfect ease. Today I added a third board in front, and again, no mistakes. Crazy!



  1. Do you expect any less from a Sheltie? Shelties are awesome.

  2. Wall-e is just terrific! I walked across the broad jump in the beginning - it looked like something you walk on to me! So good for Wall-e!

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