Monday, October 5, 2009


On Saturday, October 3, Mika and I got to spend a day with the brand-new Superdog apprentices!

The Superdogs show is a live event for people of all ages, all about dogs. It includes elements of agility, flyball, freestyle, disc, and more, and is a ton of fun! The Superdogs team travels around North America so everybody can experience the fun.

I'd contacted the Superdogs in September, and we were accepted to perform at this show. Mika did so awesome! She'd never seen flyball-type jumps before, or a clear tunnel, but she did both with ease. There was also an "obstacle" that isn't in agility. It was called a "corkscrew," and it was basically a clear curved tunnel that curled upward ONTO a 2 ft. wide dog walk/ramp. She went into the tunnel but as soon as the tunnel started to ascend on the ramp, she turned around (she had no idea what it was!). I don't blame her at all, out of the thousands of tunnels she's raced through none of them has ever ascended! Hahaha, must have baffled Mika. She wasn't stressed about it at all, though. Rather, she had tons of fun. At the beginning of the course, as she was being held on t he podium, she was slightly worried, but as soon as she started running and knew what to do she wasn't worried or stressed at all. GOOD GIRL!


  1. Must have been absolutely pawsome.

    Essex & Deacon

  2. That's so cool -- Mika is a SuperDog!! What a great and fun experience that must have been.