Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun match Oct. 4, 2009

Fun match from almost a week ago...yep I'm late :) And we had a trial today too but I'll write a separate post for that later.

Mika was so absolutely FAST, very happy with how much fun she was having, and that I kept to my "rule" of never letting her know when I make a mistake (because it's always me who makes the mistakes). Her contacts were awesome!! Nice weaves too!

Wall-e's third fun match. Wall-e keeps getting faster at every fun match, he just keeps gaining speed every month as we uncover more and more of his drive! He's loving agility more and more, and thinks it's so much fun to run around a field jumping over and running through stuff.


  1. Wow, Wall-E really is running fast. I think he got faster just in the video. Mika looked really good too. Diana

  2. Thanks :) I love to run them!

  3. Fantastic! Can't wait to see how the trial went!