Monday, January 31, 2011

Tricks: it's time to refresh

Big news: My exams are done! Now I can spend more time training my dogs, like I used to, instead of studying constantly.

After I got home from my last exam today, we celebrated by doing some tricks; the dogs were thrilled to have me all to themselves again! I did a couple of "Up's" (jumping into my arms) with Mika. This year I hope to have Mika jump into my arms at the end of every run at trials, to have her focus on me instead of running to the exit gate and potentially reacting at other dogs. Mika just loves this trick. The only thing is that she sometimes gets her striding off as she runs towards me and doesn't take off at the right spot. Hmm, maybe we need to do some Susan Salo jump work for jumping into my arms!? Seriously though, I wonder if stride regulators would help.

With Wall-e we did a bit of leg weaves training. He used to know this trick pretty well, but I think I increased the amount of weaves too fast, and didn't ping-pong back and forth enough (ex. first 3 weaves, then 8, then back to 4, etc.). Now we're retraining it. This session we just did one or two weaves, which he did great even though Montana was sitting a few feet away. (Wall-e is a teensy bit scared of that big orange cat!)


  1. Glad your exams are over and you can focus on what is important - LOL!

  2. Glad those exams are behind!!! What about work on just some leaving your rewards out and learning impulse control and only getting rewards when released,that might help with wanting to rush the last jump and go to jumping in your arms ;-). Sounds like you guys are headed for a LOT of fun now that the exams are done!!!

  3. I remember the relief of exams being over. Now for some fun!