Saturday, January 22, 2011

Montana wanted me to say...

Montana was reading my blog and noticed that I haven't posted about her in a while.

She wanted me to tell you all that we have decided to keep her :)

She's been doing really well. She still stays in a separate room for part of the day; our 16 year old cat, Shadow, spends a lot of time in the basement sleeping, so during that time we close the door to the basement and let Montana out of her room to have free rein of the house. After a couple of hours, we put her back in the room and open Shadow's door in the basement. We don't trust the cats to be alone yet.

Montana is good with the dogs though. She actually like Mika and follows her around. (Mika just ignores "that weird orange cat.") She's a bit intimidated by Wall-e, but she's asserted her ruling over him by chasing after him a few times. Poor Wall-e wanted to make friends, but now he keeps his distance!

Luckily, Montana has never made an attempt to bite/nip either dog. She's completely transformed since we've brought her home. She actually acts a bit like a dog; she follows us around and does crazy gallops around the house. We're very glad to have her!


  1. Glad to hear that things are working out with her. :)

  2. She is very pretty and looks like a good fit to your family.

  3. She is very pretty! I love big orange kitties!

  4. Montana looks very clever and neat in front of the laptop! She is a cute orange kitty and I'm glad you all like her or she likes all of you.

  5. How cool! Glad to know Montana has found her forever home!!

  6. CONGRATS!!! Montana looks like such a cool cat, glad it worked out, Good job you guys!!!