Friday, September 17, 2010

Double box sequences...late late late!

Mika and I have been working on double box jump sequences for our past couple of training sessions at the field. (Well, we did add the DW and a tunnel into the sequences, but most of them were jumps set in a double box configuration.)

I need to tighten up my rear crosses...I'm always so late with them! When I'm late, Mika (being the good girl she is) still manages to turn in the right direction, but even so, I need to tighten up and cue quicker. Not just with RC's, but with everything. Mika is always so responsive to my handling, and since she is now pretty much back to her normal speed
consistently, it's harder for me to cue at exactly the right time. But even when I'm being a confusing handler, Mika is still snazzy and runs great. She's always having fun, even when she doesn't know where to go for a second.

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  1. ISnt it funny, when I started agility it was such a miracle to get the crosses in and then now it is the timing thing, so hard to get it all there and right and at the right time, it is amazing what the dogs manage to deal with isnt it, it just makes me so amazed at how good they are!