Thursday, September 2, 2010

Continuing with our work on Wall-e's fears

This should be my last "catch-up" post from the 2 weeks that I didn't blog!

Wall-e didn't run in class on Monday this week either because of his injury, so we used class time to work on his fears again. We walked into the building with no problem at all. We even walked almost directly under where the fan was blaring. After 30 minutes of hanging around and doing a bit more fear training, we went home.

The way it's going now, I think Wall-e would definitely be able to do agility in the building. I won't trial him there this fall, but next spring he can probably do some indoor mini-trials, which are less chaotic than regular trials.


  1. Yea, Wall E is a brave boy!!!!!

  2. Good job of using this time to work on Wall-e's fears!

  3. Good for Wall-e!!! Hope he's feeling better too, believe me, we know, injuries are not fun! Sending good vibes all the way around :)