Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mika's latest groom

Mika got another haircut on Thursday last week. The groomer always puts a bandanna on her. It's always a different bandanna every time and it often corresponds with a nearby holiday or the season. This time it's yellow, great for summer!

(I shouldn't have taken these photos into the sun, but I hadn't planned to do that; I was taking photos of Wall-e and saw Mika standing nearby, so I turned around and snapped some shots. Oh well, she still looks pretty!)

Mika and Wall-e also went swimming in the pool a few times last week. (Mostly Wall-e because he doesn't mind swimming as much as Mika does.)


  1. Mika does look very cute and the yellow bandana suits her!

    Wall-e is a good swimmer - no frantic splashing like me!

  2. GREAT PICTURES! Love Wall E swimming! Mika looks very nice in her summer cut-does she leave the bandannas on? She really looks beautiful sporting the yellow bandanna!

  3. Thanks guys! Kathy -- yup, she's fine with bandannas, they're the only type of "clothing" that she doesn't mind!

  4. Pawsome photos. You both look pawsome.

  5. Mika looks beautiful!! Diana