Sunday, February 14, 2010

Variety of recent photos

I've accepted that I love sleeping photos. You won't be seeing an end to them! :)


"Breaking Olympics 2010 news: In the Men's Car-Chasing Qualifying round, Canadian car-chaser Wall-e turns the corner at incredible speed. He qualified for the Semi-Finals and, as one of the favourites, is expected to have a good chance at making the Finals and winning the gold!"


  1. I love your sleeping dog photos, so keep 'em coming!

    Wall-e is so cute in car-chasing mode! Look at him go! He looks like a racehorse coming around the bend for the homestretch. Congrats to Wall-e on his excellent showing today! :-)

  2. whoo hooo I have some of those cow bells to cheer Wall E to victory. Those are some great pictures as always and those are the BEST sleeping pictures yet.

  3. Hahaha ... I just the last photo of Wall-e, so cute!

  4. Your sleeping dog photos are irresistible!

    Well, I am impressed with Wall-e's car chasing speed but I have to say, I think I could beat him and win the gold medal for the USA! LOL!