Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mika Fun Match Feb. 13, 2010

Fun match today. I used a new video editor, called "Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0." Not that I really edit my vids as much anymore, but it does make some nice titles, and it's a lot less annoying than Windows Movie Maker.

Mika had two runs, but they were the same course, so I'm just showing one. It was fun!
She was fast coming off the start-line, but slowed down a bit throughout the course. I think it's because she's lost condition over the winter and therefore lost some stamina as well. She had a great dog walk!! (although I didn't really need to use my off-arm before the DW, since she was focused straight ahead anyway because of my motion)

Wall-e wasn't relaxed enough to run, but he was showing significant improvement compared to our December fun match. At first, he would only walk half the distance from the car to the arena before showing stress and trotting back to the car, but after giving him a 45-minute break, he would happily follow me up to the door of the arena. I coaxed him inside (not the smartest thing to do since he wasn't 100% confident, but luckily it didn't backfire on me!) and as soon as he stepped inside let him stick his face into the half-filled container of chicken I was carrying with me. As soon as he realized that he got to eat the WHOLE THING (!!), he relaxed and ate like a crazed half-starved animal. An easy way to tell how stressed Wall-e is is by seeing how much vigour he puts into eating. In this case, by the way he was eating he was at the bottom of the stress scale! That was a GREAT way to end the day. We left right afterward because Mika's runs were done anyway. (I could have done another two runs with Mika, but I definitely didn't want to because of how much condition she's lost. She worked hard enough!)


  1. You guys looked really good. Beautiful dogwalk. Diana

  2. Wow, that WAS a nice dog walk. Awesome job!

  3. Nice job! Glad the fun match went well, and that Wall-e is starting to relax. Nice run, Mika's so cute all woolly : )