Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wall-e's last obedience class

Last week Wall-e had his last beginner obedience class. (Tomorrow is the official last class, but we can't go because Wall-e's first beginner agility class will be at the same time.)

Wall-e seemed to get better every class! His heeling was just amazing. He really progressed so much, above and beyond...his heeling is just awesome. It's definitely his strongest point of obedience. Every dog/handler in the class got to practice their heeling individually as the instructor called out right turns, right about turns, left turns, left about turns, slow paces, fast paces, normal paces, and halts. Wall-e did everything perfectly. What a good boy!!

All the dogs practiced their stays as well -- 45 sit-stays and 2 minute down-stays. Wall-e stayed the whole time for the sit-stay, but broke his down-stay 10 seconds before the 2 minutes was over! Oh well, his heeling makes up for his less-than-perfect stays! :)

We did something different this class; we swapped dogs! Only for about 5 minutes. I got an adorable little Shih Tzu. She was very good and sat for me right away, wagging her tail when she got a really yummy treat (Rollover). Wall-e was great for the Shih Tzu's handler, and did some nice sits.

The game for this class was Red Light, Green Light! You probably know this game, but it's just adapted for obedience...when the instructor calls "green light," each dog/handler walks or jogs forward in a heel. When the instructor calls "red light," each dog/handler must stop and sit immediately. Whichever dog is last to sit is out. Whichever dog/handler team reaces the wall first wins. Wall-e won! Yay Wall-e!

I'm so happy with how Wall-e did in his obedience classes. He'd be an amazing competitive obedience prospect if I decided to compete with him. And tomorrow, something even more fun...Wall-e's first agility class!



  1. That is so funny- I use the Red Light/ Green light game in the classes I teach too. It is a fun game.
    For an 8 month old to have really good healing is wonderful. You are doing amazing things with this puppy!
    I can't belive it is already his last class- wow, time flies.

  2. Way to go Wall-e. It sure sounds like you are having fun.

    Essex & Deacon

  3. Thanks, both of you!

    Cadie -- Time does fly!! I can't believe how fast little Wall-e is growing up.