Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wall-e saw cool stuff!

After Wall-e 's agility class (which I'll talk about in a later post), we went to an outdoor museum that was close to the agility centre. So, Wall-e saw horses for the first time today.

The first time they came around, he was a bit nervous and was trying to struggle out of my arms, but the second time he watched them calmly and took the treats I gave him.

He also saw something else:

A fox! Well, it wasn't alive (poor fox), it was stuffed, but it was a fox nevertheless. He actually wanted to play with it! When we walked in the room, he immediately saw the fox on the display table (there were other animals too, but he focused on the fox right away) and started doing play bows and play-barks at it. Then I lifted him up so he could see better, and he sniffed and sniffed (though he couldn't touch it of course). He was just so interested in that fox!

In the summer, the museum also has sheep (Wall-e should LOVE that), pigs, a goat, chickens, rabbits, and a very friendly mule.



  1. Deacon will play bow to statues of dogs when we go walking. He sees the shape and is convinced it must be real.


    Essex & Deacon

  2. LOL! Wall-e did the same to a dog statue (it was a Collie, actually) at the obedience school.


  3. LOL! Well, that must have been a very interesting experience for Wall-e.

  4. Wow! That fox looks like real!