Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mika's haircut and Wall-e's first obedience class

Mika got a haircut at the groomer's recently, I think it was on Wednesday. We had her beard cut shorter this time, since it's agility off-season (I like to keep it long during the season so that she'll look nice for her professional photos!). She looks so adorable with her shorter beard!

Snow on her nose, after sniffing a bit in the snow.

Poor girlie, she's cold with her shorter fur! Note that her tail is down, which she always does when she's freezing. But, she still wants to stay outside! (Which is unusual for her in the winter, usually she doesn't like being outside in the winter.)

Wall-e also had his very first beginner obedience class today! I expected to have to work hard to keep his attention -- but nope, he was completely focused on me for the whole class. He acted like a pro, and was definitely one of the stars of the class! When dogs in the class took turns (two at a time) for the heeling and loose leash exercises, and it wasn't our turn, he lay calmly in my lap, head resting on his paws. What a difference from Mika's quirks (barking like mad at the other dogs when it's not her turn)! Not that Mika isn't totally focused on me when it is her turn (she's always focused on me, 100%) but she wants to work so much and is so stimulated by dogs moving that she expresses her feelings with non-stop, piercing barks.

I still can hardly believe how focused and attentive Wall-e was during the class. Good boy!



  1. Hi Nat,

    Mika looks darling in her new "doo"! I love to hear that Wall-e is loving is obedience classes. What a good little guy he is, so agreeable. I can't wait to see your next video and all the things he's learned!
    Take care, Kim

  2. Oh man, I had to do all those obedience classes too! Even today I can't even get so much as a lousy biscuit out of the woman without doing like forty tricks! I'm whatchu call a NILIF dog. That means Nothing In Life Is Free. I'm telling you I have to work like for a lousy piece of hot dog! I'm just waiting for her to tell me to paint the utility room or something.

  3. Thanks Kim! Mika appreciates the compliment! Wall-e's a great puppy. So polite and well-behaved too, we never have any problems with him. I'll put up that video tonight!

    Haha Tosca!! I base a lot of my training on Nothing In Life Is Free. Mika and Wall-e have to wait at the door to go out, and never get a treat or their food without doing something to earn it. Although, I'm not selfish with their rewards, I give 'em tons of treats when they do something really well!


  4. Yeah well I got it down to a science, there Nat. If I see her heading for the biscuit tin, I do like 12 tricks before she even gets to me with the biscuit. Speeds things up.