Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fun day!

This morning we went to visit Wall-e's breeder. He had so much fun seeing everything and everyone again, and playing with the dogs! He was "smiling" throughout the whole visit! Here's a quick photo of him with his gorgeous mom:

After the visit, we stopped by at an agility fun match, so Wall-e could get used to a competition-like atmosphere. He was so calm and attentive. I was a bit concerned that he'd be nervous from the noise of the teeter (that teeter is the noisiest teeter I've ever seen, it's actually the one Mika had her bad experience from last year), but he barely even noticed it! When the fast doggies were running, he looked at them, really interested, but all it took was a simple "Wall-e" from me and his head snapped around to look at me! We also practiced some flatwork on-leash while a couple dogs were running. Even with the distractions, he was doing brilliantly with his front crosses, and his rear crosses on the flat were just perfect. And I just started teaching him rear crosses this morning!!

Future agility star? Yup!



  1. What a pawsome picture, we love it. Good luck with agility training.

    Essex & Deacon

  2. Very cool picture! The Woman is photography impaired. It's a good thing I'm good looking so that photography flaws are overlooked. My Dog Mom is cool too. I visited her once up in Saranac lake. Well not IN the lake, but near the lake. Man, I miss that lake!

  3. I love the video you did with Wall-e. It was very professionally done. I am looking forward to following the success of you two.
    Cadie- Acadia Shelties