Friday, September 26, 2008

Trial tomorrow!

Tomorrow we're entered in an Advanced Jumpers run! Can't wait. If we Q we'll be moving up to Masters!

We have a sort of "routine" that we do the week before the trial (or fun match). Mika does better at trials if she's given a break, so we don't do any major training during the week before the trial.

This is our "week-before-the-trial" schedule (assuming the trial is on a Saturday):

Saturday (7 days before trial) or Sunday: practice a sequence at the Agility field that relates to the course we'll be running at the trial

Monday: no Agility, tricks instead

Tuesday: if we'll be running in any Standard classes at the trial, practice the teeter; if we'll be running only in Jumpers, practice a 16" jump

Wednesday: go to the field and practice 3 - 5 obstacles (either individual or in 2-obstacle segments) that we'll be seeing at the trial

Thursday: if we'll be running in Standard, practice 12 poles; if we'll be running only in Jumpers, practice a 16" jump

Friday: no Agility, tricks instead

Saturday (or Sunday): get Mika to do a trick for her breakfast that'll help our performance at the trial (Down Stay or flatwork), then drive to the trial!!

So that's our schedule. :)


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