Sunday, September 21, 2008

Agility trial September 19, 2008

Yesterday Mika and I competed in one class at a Starters mini-trial! The class was Starters Gamblers, and it was our first ever time doing Gamblers! Mika completely surprised me by getting the gamble right away! She was so hyper and bouncy on the course because she must've thought that we were having another private (it was in the same arena we had the private in a few weeks ago) and she thought that we were going to stop after every obstacle for rewards -- but we still ended up with a Q and 2nd place! Woot!!


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  1. Nat, Mika is a totally awesome dog. I can only HOPE for a Q like that with Abbey. Now, the next event you need to try is Snooker! =D (evil smile) MUAHAHA!