Monday, February 6, 2012

Mika and Wall-e Training Feb. 3, '12 video

Just copied/pasted this from my YouTube description:

Good dogs! :) Note 0:59, when I brought Wall-e around to do the tunnel again...I know that I'm big on my personal rule of "never redo/correct mistakes," and in most situations I would just tell him to go on to the next obstacle, but I didn't even see that jump staring me in the face (lol), and so I brought him around to the tunnel again...yeah, anyway, just thought I should clear that up. If that made sense. :)


  1. Wall-e looks SUPER. I love, love, love his contacts! Mika's looking mighty quick too, as usual!

  2. I love how fast and happy you ALL look, it looks like a fun place to train and like you had some great sequences set up, I love practices like that where it looks like you were able to get tons of training done