Monday, May 23, 2011

Mika trial May 20, 2011

Was it ever humid! Two Masters Gamblers runs.

They were both good. I remember at this same trial last year, it was just as humid, but Mika was running a lot slower; but today her speed and drive only decreased a bit. YAY girlie!

Didn't get the gamble in either run! :) In the first one I tried to send Mika to the tunnel, but got stuck on the line:

In the second run, Mika yelped as I let her go (I started with her, like I usually do in Gamblers). I think I was accidentally pulling her back a bit too hard; I always pull her back slightly to rev her up, and she leans back in response in preparation to taking off like a rocket. (Not that she took off like a rocket at this trial, lol, because of the humidity!) I stopped running to make sure she was okay, and then we restarted the run with quite a bit more speed. This gamble was kind of impossible -- only one team got it! -- so I barely attempted it. Way over our heads! See below:


  1. We appreciated your kind words and prayers. It meant a lot to Dog Dad. We hope that Mika and Wall-e live long happy lives. The happy I am not worried about, because they have a great Dog Mom that loves them.


  2. Those looked great, you really do have a pretty way of handling-you use motion very nicely. Mika looked great!------Kathy with Liz/Breeze/Cricket