Thursday, February 10, 2011

Montana's antics

Thanks to my mom for taking this photo :)

Montana is really starting to fit in to our family. Well, it's impossible for her not to; she's around all the time! She ALWAYS has to follow someone around. One of her favourite spots is on a kitchen chair (it's always the same chair) under the table. I guess she likes it because there's always something going on in the kitchen. She still nips occasionally, mostly our feet. It's a good idea to always wear socks in our house now; not for warmth, but for protection from Montana's teeth :)

Montana would never bite our other pets, though she does find them interesting. Shadow, our other cat, and Montana have been getting along really well. Shadow's definitely the boss between the two. If the two cats are sitting in front of each other, staring, Montana is the one who will look away first. Sometimes Montana wants to play with Shadow (at least, l think she's playing; it's hard to tell with Montana!) and will bat out a paw. Or if Shadow is on a counter and Montana is on the ground, Montana will swing her paw at Shadow's swishing tail. Shadow's an old lady who has better things on her mind than playing, but she's actually quite patient with "the youngster" and will either ignore Montana or hiss if she's getting too bold.

Montana isn't too interested in Mika. Mika knows how to stand her ground and will snap/"roar" at Montana if she really bothers her, so Montana doesn't try anything too daring with her.

But poor Wall-e! Montana takes advantage of the fact that
he's so easily bossed around. Wall-e would never, ever, ever snap or growl or do anything to defend himself, so Montana pretty much has a full control. She'll step in front of him and sit down, "guarding" him so that he can't pass by. If he tries to walk around her, she'll move with him and sit down in front of him again. Wall-e knows that if he gets too close he'll get a swat. And he's almost twice the size of her! If only I could tell Wall-e to give Montana a little bark a few times, and then she might not bug him anymore :)


  1. It all takes time for them to learn their places. Super cute photo though. :)

  2. She's gorgeous - is she a Maine Coon? Long haired cats are so striking and cuddly looking. :)

  3. BOL!!!
    Montana looks like a little princess at home now and she can boss around with those who let her have her free wills. Shadow and Mika sure know what to do with Montana but not poor Wall-e!

  4. HI Mika & Wall-E! Long time no woof! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And wow - I see that you have a new family member! She is very pretty - and I had to laugh at the bit about you getting bossed around, Wall-E - that was exactly like me with my kitty sister, Lemon! People used to laugh at me coz I was so much bigger than her (she was only the size of my head) but hey - you don't mess with kitties! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane