Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another zzz... photo

I figured it was time for me to post another sleeping photo.

I'm not sure why the two beds are on top of each other, but what's amazing is that Mika actually lay down in the donut bed after Wall-e was already sleeping on the rectangular bed. Mika usually isn't THAT fond of Wall-e to actually lie down so close to him, but this time she had no choice since she wanted to sleep in her donut bed.


  1. That's a very sweet zzz photo. Look at the way they curled themselves up and being so close to each other and slept so soundly!

  2. Now that looks nice and comfy! :)

  3. How funny, it looks like the dogs were hard at work making their bed really comfy and they were going to take advantage of it!

  4. Hi Mika & Wall-E,

    Long time no woof! Looks like you guys are as busy as ever! :-)

    That is a really sweet photo of your sleeping - my human thinks it is almost like one of those mosaic paintings, where all the parts fit perfectly together!

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. A pawsome picture but we are feeling a bit dizzy.

    Essex & Deacon