Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wall-e's third rally class

In this class we covered:

About "U" Turn (180 degree turn to the left)
270 Degree Left Turn
360 Degree Left Turn
Call Dog Front - Forward Right
Call Dog Front - Forward Left
Call Dog Front - Finish Right
Call Dog Front - Finish Left

Wall-e forgets how to do finishes! We haven't practiced them in a long time. I had to lure him for his finishes and forwards in this class.

He really likes the forwards though because he doesn't have to sit, he can just keep trotting forward after he moves into position.

The sequence in this class was Start, Straight Figure 8, About Turn - Right, Fast Pace, Normal Pace, Right Turn, 270 Degree Left Turn, Sit - Down - Walk Around, 360 Degree Right Turn, and finally Finish. We did well during most of the course, although Wall-e was heeling a bit too far away from me; gotta train closer heeling. For the Sit - Down - Walk Around, I placed a treat on the ground in front of him after he lay down. This gives him something to focus on as I walk behind him. It works well at home, but at class he got up when I stepped behind him. The instructor suggested that I not put the treat down, but instead just step behind more and more gradually. So we left it at that and completed the course with the 360 Degree Right Turn, which went well. We're good at the exercises that involve moving; it's the stationary exercises that we find tough!

After class, Wall-e got to play with the chocolate lab/poodle puppy (I think he's about six months old). He had a blast. Mika rarely wants to play with Wall-e, so any playtime that he gets is a big treat for him!


  1. Sounds like things are going great. I wish my dogs played together more. They play in the house but dont run outside and chase each other. Sounds like Wall-e had a great time. Diana

  2. Sounds like Wall-e's rally classes are going really well!

  3. I love Rally so much. I try to take Rally class every time it's offered at my club. It's just such a positive, happy experience for the dogs!

  4. Sounds like things are going great and it is a good class, I really want to do some rally so it is neat to hear about what you are doing!!!

  5. How fun about Rally! I have done some Rally too! I would like a class in it, since the Mum forgets to teach me Rally, then makes me do it! But we do have lots of fun with agilities!