Monday, November 30, 2009

First snow

Nope...we couldn't put it off for longer...we have snow! Only a bit, but it's still snow!

Mika wearing her "favourite" sweater. Her and Wall-e actually like the snow (for now!). and like always, they ran back and forth from the weaves to the plank trying to get me to reward them. (I love having operant dogs who offer behaviours relentlessly!)

Wall-e looks so clean here..

...Buuut that didn't last long. We might have a bit of snow, but all the wetness turned the dirt into mud!


  1. Ive had that same dirty sheltie. Lol Diana

  2. Oh muddy!! I do not envy you your snow.

  3. I love snow!! I don't mind the mud!!

  4. Did one sheltie had a bath today?? ;o)


  5. Oh YUCK! I love snow, and FROZEN ground! I hate mud! Mika looks so cute in her sweater.

  6. Cute :). Kiwi wasn't to happy about the snow, but she is a very difficult undog like dog.

    I am dreading Kibbles getting messy like Wall-e, it takes for ever to clean him up, and then I am still taking dirt and rocks off him for days.