Friday, March 6, 2009

Photo update

Wall-e jumping at his fourth agility class. This photo was taken from a video.

Wall-e's awesome running A-frame (another photo taken from a video)

on the table


  1. He's growing up so quickly!

    What a handsome boy :D

    You must be so proud!

  2. Hi Nat,

    I love these photos! He looks like he is having such FUN!

    Give him a hug from us,
    Kim and Pete

  3. Thanks GeeRome, I am very proud!!

    And thanks Kim and Pete -- Wall-e has fun in everything he does, he just loves life! He's always so enthusiastic about everything. He's a joy to train, and a joy to be around.


  4. Wall-e! What's happened???? We've only taken our eyes off you for a week or two and you're all grown up!!! That's a good photo of you jumping. A flying Sheltie!!!

  5. Great shots. Looks like fun. Diana

  6. Wall-e you are awesome and handsome!

  7. Josh and Jess, yep, time flies doesn't it (pun intended)!! :)

    And thanks Diana and Lian!

  8. I didn't see these photos! Wall-e is so adorable! And obviously very fast. I love that table shot ;D!