Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mika!!

On Tuesday, October 14, Mika celebrated her 4th birthday! The celebrations started after I came home from school. We put on birthday hats for the photos, though Mika didn't enjoy that too much, so I took hers off right after the photos.

Mika then received a delicious-looking birthday "cake" (it was actually half a can of Innova wet dog food) with four candles on top. The cake was also on an exquisite plate! I put the cake on a small table and blew out the candles for her. and then Mika dug in, putting her front paws on the table while she scarfed down the food. Man, she really LOVED that cake!! Of course, her beard did get all gross so we had to wash it in the bathtub afterward, but I'm sure Mika thought it was worth it!

After the plate was licked completely clean, Mika got her present -- a new collar. Her old pink collar had faded and dirtied, so it really was time to get a new one. Her new collar is nylon and rainbow-striped! I do think Mika liked the cake better :) but the collar looks great on her!

I had a looot of schoolwork to do that afternoon and also the next couple of days, so sadly I couldn't spend much time with Mika on her birthday, but I'll definitely spend the rest of the day with her today after I get home from school, and tomorrow as well.

Happy B-Day Mika!

Also, we have a trial tomorrow! Woot!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Agility updates

We went to a fun match on Sunday and had tons of fun!! Mika did awesome in Steeplechase and great in Masters Standard!

Went to the field today and Tuesday to work on stuff.

On both today and Tuesday, we worked on jump exercises from the Backyard Dogs articles in Clean Run, and practiced the dog walk and A-frame individually (like we always do). Mika was FLYING! I just couldn't believe her speed. After not doing any "real" training for a whole month, she was crazy and having a blast!

On Tuesday at the field, she also got to try meat tortellini for the first time! She LOVED it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Agility trial October 3, 2008

Haven't updated in a while! Well, I've got big news...MIKA GOT HER AADC TITLE!!

I haven't got time to post a big long detailed post now, but basically Mika amazed me last Friday! (Well, when does she ever NOT amaze me?!) I'd entered her in two Advanced Standard runs and she got her final Q for the title in the first run, so we got to do the second run just for the heck of it! As well as getting her AADC, there was also another big was Mika's first time trialling with a teeter indoors!! She was fearless 'bout it too!

She really IS Mighty Mika!! My awesome doggie <3